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What Makes Us, Different

ShastiCorp consultancy services has a span history of growth and success. ShastiCorp started  off as an IT consulting to support with the one of the most recognized clients to support with backbone of their technologies. With steady and planned growth, ShastiCorp’s vision went global in the year 2015, with introduction of offshore operations in India. We have highly skilled and experienced professional experts to support our clients in 24/7.

Our core values of customer centricity, agility and innovation haven’t changed, but the depth and breadth of our service offerings and value that we deliver to our customers certainly has. Today, ShastiCorp is a well-regarded, global IT service provider, with customers in a number of industries. shasticorp provides a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions that not only solve today’s IT challenges, but also address tomorrow’s business priorities. As a strategic premier application and infrastructure outsourcing services provider, shasticorp enables our customers to maximize the value of their IT investments, while helping them optimize their IT expenses for sustained business value. As a specialist in delivering business transformation through IT, we partners with our customers to help drive positive outcomes. This unique engagement approach, coupled with the ability to execute with speed and nimbleness, has ensured that shasticorp is the partner of choice for hundreds of global corporations, across six continents.

Our employees are the key to the company’s exceptional client service and industry-leading growth. The nurturing and challenging environment within the organization provides our employees with opportunities to build successful careers and actualize themselves. In 2015, “ORACLE” recognized ShastiCorp to be a Silver partner to their support. The ShastiCorp Foundation contributes towards supporting the underprivileged, as part of a dedicated effort towards community development.

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