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Cloud computing has enabled organizations to not only lower administrative and overhead costs, but also turbocharge business innovation and growth. While cloud computing empowers organizations to reduce their legacy infrastructure costs, it also functions as a catalyst for emerging technologies like analytics, mobility, and big data.

shasticorp consultancy services provides a robust cloud-based delivery framework that utilizes best-in-class monitoring, management, and delivery tools and services across solutions to help organizations effortlessly migrate their infrastructure needs to the Cloud.

Transform your IT environment to an agile, flexible, and scalable model

While benefits are abundant, companies are struggling to put a cloud strategy in place. shasticorp consultancy services offers a flexible cloud infrastructure to host your enterprise applications and a scalable virtual infrastructure to meet evolving business and IT demands. Our tailored approach helps to provide cloud-based capabilities to optimize costs, enhance time-to-market, and create flexibility in IT operations.

Gain from the major benefits of cloud computing:


  • Business consulting – Provide end-to-end vendor-agnostic consulting with specific focus on client growth strategy.

  • Predictable costs – Plan IT infrastructure expenses through a pay-per-use model.

  • Technology innovations – Innovate and experiment with new and emerging technologies, without having to procure permanent structures.

  • Business flexibility – Enable quick additions to product lines, replicate successful business processes, and carry out mergers and acquisitions without interfering with your core business.

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