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Oracle Database & Security Services

Database Security

We have a distinct security practice which makes us uniquely placed to help organisations face the database and application security challenges that arise from the combination of issues that face businesses today. It’s not just the need to ensure compliance, integration, and the protection of sensitive data from cyber attacks, enhanced security also ensures businesses maintain a competitive edge. Because ‘default’ settings or packaged security are rarely the answer, our Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Security Consultancy services cover both technology implementation and auditing/assessment

Oracle Database Security

Database security is an integral component of the overall IT Security strategy and too important to be left on ‘default’ settings. As a Platinum Partner, one of our key Oracle Specialisations is in Database Security Options and we can provide a range of Oracle Database Security services which include: 

  • Oracle Database Vault Implementation – to ensure that database and application access is tightly controlled at a granular level

  • Oracle Audit Vault Implementation – turning audit data into a key security resource, allowing you to monitor insecure application activity

  • Oracle Advance Security Option – enhancing the core protection of your database to safeguard data and ensure regulatory compliance

  • Oracle Security Audits & Testing Services – designed to analyse your current database and application setup, point out any deficits against best practice and consider the implications of any breach. A typical assessment would include:

    • Oracle database security and application configuration reviews

    • Penetration testing of Oracle databases and applications

    • Expert advice on existing security and audit policies

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