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Introduction about Oracle ERP

Oracle ERP:

  • Oracle Applications consists of business software of Oracle Corporation.

  • ERP Helps to streamlining the Company's Transactions.

Modules of ERP:

Various modules of ERP are

  • HRMS

  • Payroll

  • CRM

  • Financial

  • Mobile Supply Chain Application

  • Order Management

  • Procurement

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Quotes

  • Transportation Management

  • Warehouse Management Systems

  • inventory

  • Enterprise Asset Management

  • Product Life Cycle Management

  • Asset Life Cycle Management

  • Manufacturing ​

Scope of ERP:

  • Large Organizations has to implement the standards process across all the divisions.

  • ERP Solutions offers very attractive and integrated solutions.

Benefits of ERP:

  • Provide improved flexibility and integration

  • High Speed and Efficiency

  • Less Errors

  • Lower cost in complete supply chain

  • Product quality is improved.

ERP Implementation Phases:

There are 4 major phases

  • Concept/Initiation

  • Development

  • Implementation

  • Closeout/Operation and Maintenance

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