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Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite is created to facilitate the large scale business.

  • Oracle Applications are nothing but the collection of Modules which are integrated to provide the solutions.

  • Oracle EBS or E-Business Suite also termed as Oracle Applications.

Oracle EBS Architecture:

Oracle EBS R12 Applications are 3 Tier Architecture. They are

  1. Client Tier

  2. Application Tier

  3. Database Tier

Oracle Applications Architecture is a framework for a multi-tiered that supports application products.

Server - A group of process that run on a single machine.

Tier - A logical group of service that run across more than a physical machine.

Node - A group of Computers that works closely together in a cluster.

Client Tier : The Forms client must run within JVM on Desktop client. In 11i we are using Jinitiator for the JVM.

Application Tier : Application Tier comprises of 3 Services. They are

Web services

Form services and

Concurrent processing server

web services - This component processes request over the network from the desktop clients.

Forms services - Forms services are provided by the Form socket mode which facilitate the use of firewalls, proxies and load balance.

Concurrent processing server - Concurrent request are defined as the processes run on the concurrent processing server.

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