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iControl - Reason Process

In iControl Tool, The Reason Process will maintain the Track of Data manipulation each time the data undergoes manipulation, which will be used for management report purposes. The Reason process will be done for Critical Business Data. In case, If it is Non-Critical Business Data, Please follow the Monitoring process of iControl Tool.

Why We need Reason process in our Business?

In the Current EBS application, there is no such application/tools to perform tracking of Business Data. Due to that, we lose track of fraudulent data manipulations.

What kind of Future We have with this tool?

  • We can track selective Columns from the table. Not entire tables will be tracked.

  • We have Option to provide the rules for the Reason process, based on which the Data will be tracked,

For Example.

  1. To track for only one operating unit.

  2. To track for only one Setup Data.

  3. To track based on User level.

. . . [We have many such available Rules]

  • We have the Option of Good Reporting Technology which generates the Excel format report which Authorized people can use it for reference.

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